Why Counseling?

Why Counseling?

Counseling is about skill building.

Every one of us is predisposed to certain strengths and areas we struggle with. Counseling is about receiving objective feedback from someone trained to identify skills that may be helpful to you and your unique situation. Maybe you have been depressed or simply unhappy for too long. We can help you identify needs and implement a plan to build the positive momentum you need to start feeling better again. Maybe your marriage or relationship is in constant disharmony and in need of repair. We can help you identify patterns that are sabotaging your happiness and robbing you of the joy in your relationship. You will have the opportunity to be equipped with the skills you need to live the life you want.

Tomorrow does not have to be another extension of today’s problems.

As long as you are breathing, tomorrow can be different than today. In all the ways you are hoping, you have the ability to acquire new skills. These new skills will get you new results in all the areas that matter most to you. The first step is the desire for things to be different, followed by the courage to try something new.

Transformation Ahead Sign

The definition of Skill building is “a special ability acquired by training”.

Perhaps you have a pattern of relational upset or abuse, depression, rage, anger, resentment, or constant worry. While you and your life are unique and incredibly special, I can assure you that what you struggle with is not. There are so many tools, skills, and resources available to you. There is someone who has overcome their worry, their abuse, their grief, depression. There is someone who has new skills to manage their anger. If you want things to be different, we can help you find the skills you need to thrive.

In the words of Dr. Henry Cloud, “do not worry about mistakes. Worry about patterns of mistakes.”

We applaud your desire for things to be better in your life, whether you are being proactive about achieving a goal, or things are so bad where you are that you “have” to do something. Regardless of the reason, you’re courageous for simply getting started.