Our Team

Our Team

Kari Whatley, LPC     Therapy Director

All of us feel stuck and discouraged at times. Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, and general life stresses can be overwhelming. How would it feel to like yourself more? How would it feel to wake up in a life you love, with habits that help you feel fulfilled and whole? Together, we can overcome these things that are holding you back. I view counseling as “new skills for old problems” or “more tools for your toolbox.” There really are practical solutions for dealing with life’s challenges and difficult seasons. Counseling can help you find those solutions, and it can help you overcome the roadblocks that keep you from succeeding.

My approach focuses on health for the whole person, not putting a band-aid on one or two problems. I have over ten years of experience helping clients with anxiety, trauma, PTSD, communication skills, and habit transformation. I have an encouraging counseling style and use evidence-based therapy approaches tailored to your individual needs.
When you feel a desire in your life for change, honor it! You only get one shot at this life, and you deserve a good one! Investing in your well-being is the most important thing you can do for yourself–and the people you love. You deserve a fulfilling life with a clear path toward balance, hope, and peace. I would be honored to help you on your journey.

Kari has been a lifelong rider, successfully competed at the national level, and has trained under world-renowned instructors including Olympic rider Denny Emerson. Kari combines her experience as a trainer and skills as a counselor to create successful EAP sessions.


Licensed Professional Counselor – State of Alabama
EAGALA Certified Equine Specialist


M.S., Professional Counseling – Liberty University (Lynchburg, VA)
B.S., Theology – Liberty University (Lynchburg, VA)