Benefits of Equine Assisted Therapy

Benefits of Equine Assisted Therapy

Equine Assisten Psychotherapy (EAP) breaks through resistance, increases motivation, and offers a “fun-factor” rarely present in traditional talk therapy.  EAP is also acknowledged to be a faster way forward as it takes fewer sessions to accomplish intended work.

“Our client who never talked in the office completely opened up in EAP sessions.  I was completely amazed.”



Candidates for EAP include all people ages 8 and older who are physically comfortable walking and standing for at least 40 minutes.  EAP is interactive, fun, and empowers people to find hope in healing and solutions for life’s challenges.  EAP is an excellent form of therapy for anyone who wants to be proactive in making a better life.

Due to the nature of equine therapy, the Equine Therapy Group will not take clients with a history of extreme violence, animal abuse, or arson.  The Equine Therapy Group reserves the right to refuse counseling services to any individual at any time.  Referrals will be made for individuals who are not good candidates for EAP.