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What can ETGF do for you?

The Equine Therapy Group Foundation is located in Baldwin County, Alabama and serves a diverse clientele from nearby cities such as Fairhope, Spanish Fort, and Daphne.

Equine Assisted Counseling uses the nature and relationship with the horse to bring out the clients natural patterns of relating, handling of new situations, and problem solving skills. The client’s interaction with the horse is used as a metaphor for life. The horse’s innate observational abilities and heightened awareness of body language provide the client with immediate feedback. Because all of the session is based on action clients more quickly recognize their own patterns and implement needed behavior changes. (The horse functions as a mirror of the persons own behavior.)

For example, one of our sessions is titled “Life’s Little Obstacles.” The obstacle set up in front of the horse can represent anything in a client’s life (overcoming depression, getting a child to follow house rules, communicating clearly with a spouse). The clients must work to get the horse over their “life obstacle.” However, the client cannot lead the horse over the obstacle. The clients approach and skills quickly become apparent in the exercise and the client is able to recognize that changing their own approach, behaviors, and techniques really will get them different results.


Behavior issues can make you both want to scream! Counseling provides parents with the tools they need to address behavior problems positively and consistently.
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Our approach to marriage counseling is strategic, solution oriented, and provides couples with the insights and tools needed to improve their relationship.
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Corporate Groups

Equine therapy improves communication and encourages team building. Our approach improves team cohesiveness and your employees will love the experience!
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“You miss 100 percent of the shots you never take.”

Wayne Gretzky